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How to make a good car sheet metal? What is the cause of the abnormal sound of automobile sheet metal?
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-09

Automobile sheet metal is a vehicle maintenance of a processing method, also called cold do, said direct point, if the body appearance damage deformation, the need for sheet metal this process. The abnormal sound of body sheet metal is a common problem, today we will see how to solve this problem.

Control of abnormal sound of body sheet metal

Body sheet metal has been plagued by the whole car production of technical personnel, because the abnormal sound can be "air, metal" and other media to disseminate, using the "artificial" method of diagnosis is very difficult, to solve this problem has brought a lot of trouble. Increase the cost of manufacturing and reduce the quality of the product.

Definition of the abnormal sound of sheet metal

When the whole vehicle road test is distorted, the continuous movement of the tire has cushioned the reaction force against the shock absorber. And through the spread of the plate to the body of the various parts, due to the adjacent two parts of the gap between the small and no connection mode, resulting in the adjacent two parts due to the force of local movement, resulting in friction and abnormal sound.

The significance of solving the abnormal sound of sheet metal

The different sound of the whole car sheet metal has great influence on customers, especially in the relatively quiet place, the resulting "creak" sound will be people feel distracted, emotional change, serious will directly affect the safety of customers, so that customers are extremely dissatisfied with the quality of the product, the urgent need to resolve the plate interference.

The basic principle of solving the abnormal sound of sheet metal

In the white body manufacturing process, the first thing should be the quality consciousness throughout the production process, and strive to make all the mistakes and defects can be eliminated, and once found that there are wrong practices, should immediately stop, through the various channels to proceed with the correct approach; To encourage employees to participate in the process of solving quality problems, the "5w2h" method should be used to find out the causes of defects and to find out the real reasons.

Common methods to solve the abnormal sound of sheet metal

In the white body manufacturing plant, because the white body manufacturing involves a variety of tooling, the application of equipment and the consumption of various kinetic energy such as water, electricity and gas make the influencing factors in the production process extremely complex and changeable, including "person", "machine", "material", "Law", "Ring" and "measurement". Among them, the main factor affecting the abnormal sound of body sheet metal is the problem of the operation consistency of people, because of the uncontrollable factors. Make some quality problems can not be fundamentally resolved, so to solve the body sheet metal abnormal sound of the idea is: how to people's instability factors on the impact of sheet metal to eliminate, through the error-proofing, plate parts and other methods, so that "people" error can not be wrong.


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