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Advantages and application of CNC punching products
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-03

Punching plate punching NET is an ideal, suitable for various designs of decorative materials. It gives designers plenty of free space to design.
OneAdvantages: The following advantages and application of the understanding of the punching plate, found whether from the use of Dafa face or from small products, can show the punching plate is a comfortable metal decorative materials.
(1) can be in accordance with the needs of a variety of styles, size patterns
(2) In the data has a variety of options, there are stainless steel, iron, aluminum, aluminum and other plastic panels. The thickness below 3MM can be manufactured
(3) There are also many options for outward appearance disposal. Mirror Light, Sha Guang, brushed, titanium, black titanium, exterior pattern, etc.
(4) The appearance of the more diverse, can be designed to bend into a variety of shapes, the degree of freedom is very high.
(1) Veneering: Can be in boutique or clothing store to play the role of wall or split surface, highlighting the design style of the store
(2) Light box: Can be used on the signboard of the store, install the lamp with punching board to wrap, can constitute characteristic, eye-catching store sign, absorb customer
(3) Bao: Can be in the hotel lobby or the lobby of the hotel with punching plate, more than the previous pure metal Bao to appear more new and tacky
(4) Products: Whether it is the waiting room of the station or the closed hall of the bank, you can see the existence of the waiting chair. It is only by careful discovery that the materials of these chairs are bent with a punching plate.

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