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Metal stamping copper head copper rivet hardware stretching
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-03

The drawing process is a stamping processing method which uses the mould to form the flat blank into the Open hollow part. As one of the main stamping processes, stretching is widely used. The drawing process can be made into cylindrical, rectangular, stepped, spherical, conical, parabolic and other irregular shape of thin-walled parts, if with other stamping process, can also make more complex shape parts.
    The use of stamping equipment for the production of tensile molding process, including: stretching processing, stretching processing, reverse stretching and thinning stretching processing. Drawing process: Using the press plate device, using punch pressure, the flat plate part or all pull into the concave model cavity, make it into a container with bottom. The side wall of the vessel is machined parallel to the stretching direction, which is a simple stretching process, while the cone (or pyramid) descriptor, the hemispherical container and the parabolic surface container are stretched, which also includes a reaming process.
    Re-stretching processing: that is, for a tensile process can not complete the deep tensile products, it is necessary to stretch the formed products to stretch again to increase the depth of the forming container.
    Reverse stretching process: the stretching workpiece of the former process is reversed stretching, the inner part of the workpiece becomes outside, and the outer diameter becomes smaller.
    Thinning stretching process: The formed container is squeezed into a concave model cavity with a slightly smaller outside diameter than the container with a convex mold, so that the outer diameter of the container with bottom becomes smaller, the wall thickness is thinned, both the wall thickness deviation and the surface of the container are smooth.

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